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OmTrak is Designed By Industry Experts

Our story and the people behind the software

OmTrak was created by the industry experts at WebFM


OmTrak was created by the industry experts at WebFM to improve the management of building information during construction.

Stuart Smith founded WebFM in the year 2000. The idea came to him whilst he was working as an asset management consultant at the Sydney Olympic Games. He realised the gross inefficiencies and shortcomings of the incumbent asset handover process.

Stuart knew there must be a way to transform this process from manual and people-driven, to highly integrated, collaborative and data-driven. He used technology to develop a process that would revolutionise project handovers. He called it OmTrak.

Over the last 20 years the team at WebFM has continued to refine and improve OmTrak. Now, this innovative software contains a library of useful tools to streamline building information, supported by consulting services.  Today, some of the world’s leading construction firms, Governments, defence departments and major education providers use OmTrak to achieve an optimal asset solution.

Our Executive Team

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

Founder & Director

David Rafter

David Rafter

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Hulyer

Brett Hulyer

General Manager

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

Managing Consultant

The OmTrak executives are supported by a talented team with varying levels of skills and experience in locations around the globe. The team includes IT specialists, FM and asset information experts, OmTrak support specialists and account managers.  The OmTrak team is committed to working together to provide users with the best experience online. Our friendly support staff and account managers will help users achieve outstanding results on their construction projects using the software.

Our Values

Our team is dedicated to providing solutions for construction and building projects. 


Our IT team are constantly ensuring your data is kept safe. We guarantee a fast secure platform.


Our software provides outstanding value and saves millions of dollars off the bottom line.


Our team want to help you achieve the best results. Managing a large number of assets can be complicated. We use best practices to give you the best advice proven to deliver successful results.

Reduce costs & time delays on construction projects.

OmTrak is developed by industry experts to reduce project handover delays whilst streamlining communication and information for construction projects.