Facility Life-Cycle Management - MPlan

Optimise maintenance budgets.

Reduce the cost of asset condition assessments by up to 75%.

Mplan is the OmTrak module revolutionising Facility Life-Cycle Management. From a single building to a multi-location portfolio, our facility life-cycle management software will optimise your maintenance budgets and resources. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, it simplifies the entire process to give you ongoing time and cost savings. Quickly generate complete 1-50 year maintenance plans from the front page through to the detailed list of works and projects.

Facility Life-Cycle Management

MPlan is used to manage $60 Billion worth of assets

Mplan is developed by industry experts and is a reliable and cost-effective facility management solution. Save thousands on asset planning and facility maintenance costs. Our consulting services provide additional support for those that just need extra help.


Save Time.

Asset condition assessments in hours.

The traditional methodology used to conduct asset condition assessments is lengthy, expensive and complicated. Our approach eliminates the need for on-site audits, resulting in major time and cost savings, especially for portfolios with multiple assets located over geographically diverse or hard-to-access sites.

  • Reduce the cost of traditional asset condition assessments by up to 75%
  • Integrate strategic factors
  • Negate excessive wastage

Eliminate guesswork.

Accurate planning and risk assessment.

Take the guesswork out of asset maintenance and facility life-cycle planning.  MPlan allows you to make decisions based on data rather than educated guesses. Our clients enjoy accurate maintenance planning and risk assessment, reduced spending, and a forward automated cost forecast.

  • Reduce spending
  • Automatically forecast costs
  • Simplify data collection

Build internal Capabilities.

We train your team to deliver results.

Bringing in a team of external experts to run condition assessments and develop annual FM Plans isn’t a sustainable solution. Nor is purchasing expensive software that’s complicated to learn and even harder to use. The resulting costs of reviewing and updating plans are continual, expensive and hard to justify.

We’ll train your staff in our 7-step methodology and ongoing use of the system. We’ll also support you to develop your own maintenance plans, including conducting regular reviews and updates.

  • Transfer of knowledge gives you a sustainable outcome
  • Deliver savings every year

Facility Life-Cycle Management

Simple to use

Three simple prime functions; Data Capture, Reports and Admin. Intuitive and easy to learn, and 100% browser-based so you don’t need to manage IT problems.

Unique 7-step methodology

Capture the needs, not the wants. Aligns to your organisation’s strategic direction.

Tailored data structure

Set-up is quick and easy. Tailor the data to suit your critical asset management reporting. Aligns with third-party asset management systems.

Powerful life cycle reporting

Produce facility life cycle maintenance planning ranging from 5 to 50 years. Filter and export to spreadsheet. Use the data to model life-cycle scenarios aligned to strategic directions and risk. Incorporate routine maintenance and budgets to produce a holistic asset plan.

In-built calculators

Generate automatic life-cycle modelling over the planning period, such as repaints every 10 years occurring 5 times within a 50-year plan. The CPI function lets you easily update your data to reflect current values and costs.

Upload critical documents

Upload critical documents, photos and old plans to ensure subsequent updates and new users align with the strategic context for the future.

Train to retain

We train your key staff how to collect and update your data to ensure your plan remains relevant. Your people will have the knowledge to quickly assess and update your data when needed.

No special software or systems

Retain your data online in our secure cloud-based system for future updates. 100% browser-based so you don’t need to manage IT problems.

One Connected Solution.

Software for full team collaboration 

OmTrak is an intuitive online platform that's transforming the collaboration process on construction projects. This award-winning solution enables all contracted project teams to create, share and control data and communication easily and accurately. Managing and distributing large volumes of critical project information is effortless and secure. 

The OmTrak modules connect for a seamless experience on one platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

Reduce costs & time delays on construction projects.

OmTrak is developed by industry experts to reduce project handover delays whilst streamlining communication and information for construction projects.