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A simple way to collate Green Building information and achieve certification.

OmTrak Green Building Manuals

Green Building accreditation can be a complex process. OmTrak Manuals is here to make it easier. We can help you streamline the process and structure of Green Building information for long-term benefits.

Why apply for a Green Rating?

According to the World Green Building Council,  the building and construction industry is responsible for 39% of the world’s carbon emissions. Therefore, investors and governments alike are increasingly conscious of investing in projects that are actively reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impacts.  In order to guide the building industry toward reducing its environmental footprint throughout construction and the operations of a building, there are several organisations that regulate green building standards. One such standard is the Green Star rating. The more stars a building receives, the greater the efficiency and sustainability of the building. Green Star ratings offer excellent assurance for environmentally conscious investors and help the industry to reduce carbon emissions.

The Australian program NABERS has reported reducing carbon emissions by 7 million tonnes. 

We support the building and construction industry to reduce carbon emissions. OmTrak Green Building Manuals help companies collate and manage the information needed to achieve Green Building Certification.


Streamline Green Building Applications

Organise information for NABERS & Green Star Ratings

One of the key requirements to obtain a ‘Green Star’ or NABERS rating is the provision of information for both accreditation and ongoing operation.The Green Star Accreditation for ‘Design Review’ and the ‘As Built’ rating requires supporting information to justify claims. The application process requires input from a multiple of design and build consultants, covering plans, reports, data modelling and tests. OmTrak allows projects to;

  • Collaborate with assessors in OmTrak to manage Green Building Information
  • Streamline the Green Building application process
  • Create sustainable, accessible Green Building Information for on the ongoing life of the asset
OmTrak O&M Manuals Asset Register
OmTrak O&M Manuals Review Status

Collaborate with the team.

Progressively Create Green Building Information

Green Building Manuals are created and reviewed progressively during construction inside OmTrak. Manuals are configured to meet the project specific green certification requirements. These can be different depending on the categories the project is applying for – e.g, there are 9 primary criteria and 30 sub criteria in Green Star.

From the onset, all stakeholders including NABERS and Green Building Council Assessors can review and approve content as it is uploaded. This saves time and reduces delays for applications.

  • Configure manuals to suit green certification requirements
  • Review building data before application lodgement
  • Check document upload progress, throughout the project phases

    Hit the Ground Running.

    Accessible Green Building O&M Manuals

    On project completion, the owner receives a high-quality digital handover of  Green Building O&M Manuals in PDF format. The manual is accessible, organised, and fully indexed. It can be used for Green Star application and long-term management and sustainability of the asset.

    O&M Manuals data transfer to FM Systems

    Green Manual Features


    Customised set up

    Green manuals can be set up within OmTrak to reference the required Green Building Certifications. There are 9 primary criteria such as Management, Energy, Water, Materials, Innovation, and 30 sub-criteria.

    Standardised format

    OmTrak’s electronic green manuals are created in a standardised, intuitive format that’s easier for everyone to use and navigate. Mandatory fields ensure the correct information is provided to meet green certification requirements


    Easy assembly

    Upload green manual content and documentation via the OmTrak portal, including drawings, certi­ficates, commissioning reports, manufacturer operations manuals, spare parts catalogues, warranties etc. Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects. Select maintenance schedules from included industry standards or create your own. 


    QA and approval

    Assessors and Managers can preview and mark up documents online. Progress and status of content are tracked via dashboard reports. A workflow content approval process allows for feedback and the ability to create tasks, and set due dates.

    Digital handover

    Digital Green manuals are professional, user-friendly, and searchable. Green Building O&M manuals are produced as a smart PDF with tailored data outputs for importing into many FM systems. 


    One Connected Solution.

    Software for full team collaboration 

    OmTrak is an intuitive online platform that's transforming the collaboration process on construction projects. This award-winning solution enables all contracted project teams to create, share and control data and communication easily and accurately. Managing and distributing large volumes of critical project information is effortless and secure. 

    The OmTrak modules connect for a seamless experience on one platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

    Reduce costs & time delays.

    Our products have been developed by industry experts and refined over the last twenty years to ensure high quality project outcomes. Our consulting services provide additional support for those that just need a little extra help.