Procore Integration

by Aug 31, 2021

OmTrak now offers a Procore Integration

Procore users can now integrate with OmTrak to create quality digital O&M Manuals that are ready before practical completion.

Construction professionals often use several software solutions to manage the building, construction, asset information, and financial tasks required for a project. This can be frustrating and mean a lot of task duplication throughout the project.

Procore is a popular choice for many construction professionals to manage tasks relating to the project work site. For this reason, OmTrak chose to partner with Procore to allow an easy transfer of information collected on the field, and allow direct access to these files for use inside OmTrak.

About OmTrak O&M Manuals

OmTrak provides a leading solution for digital O&M Manuals and handover documents to the global construction industry. OmTraks’ unique approach allows users of the O&M Manuals module to upload and review online during construction. This process ensures O&M Manuals are completed and approved before the building handover is due.

Procore Integration Settings

The Procore to OmTrak integration is free with an active Procore and OmTrak subscription. The integration saves time and avoids duplicate entry between platforms. Procore users upload documents drawings and photos to Procore and can then access them from OmTrak.

Simply add your Procore user ID to the OmTrak user settings.

Once the accounts are connected, OmTrak users have access to the Procore Documents, Drawings, and Photos from inside OmTrak. The user can select appropriate documents and attach them to the Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

Project managers and owners can check and approve the Procore documents, in the same way, they would approve documents that were uploaded to OmTrak.

On project completion, a high-quality, searchable set of electronic operations and maintenance manuals is provided.

Watch the video below to learn more about OmTrak and Procore Integration.


Quality O&M Manuals with OmTrak and Procore

If you would like to know more about OmTrak O&M Manuals and how it can help Owners, Developers, Builders and Contractors meet their contractual obligations in regard to handing over compliant Construction and Building Information, contact us.

If you already have an active OmTrak user ID you can see the tutorials to install the Procore Integration from our support pages. 

Reduce costs & time delays on construction projects.

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