Sub Contractors

A simple way to upload asset information

Easy to use software for collecting and sharing construction information

The program is easy to use and makes it easy to upload all required documentation. Helps with on-time payment of our accounts as we are now able to upload handover documentation as per customer requirements.

Wilma Claassens

Project Officer, John Holland


Reduce Payment Delays

Easily upload your paperwork before it is due and get paid on time.

Modern building standards have strict regulations around builders providing thorough asset and building information like O&M Manuals. This means contractors need to work with the builder to supply this information. O& M Manuals can often get lost between installation and handover – meaning builders and contractors are refused payment due to a failure to provide critical documents. OmTrak allows contractors to upload O&M Manuals at the time of installation – when the documents are in hand. This saves time searching for lost documents at the end of the project. Handover is compliant and smooth – ensuring that contractors are paid on time.

  • Easily upload O&M Manuals at the time of the assets installation
  • Eliminate delays and revenue risks associated with missing documents 

Improved Communication

Keep up to date with builder communication.

OmTrak empowers the subcontractors to easily communicate with builders. The mobile app provides onsite access and QR locations can identify the correct location for issued maintenance tasks. Subcontractors are able to view important documents, drawings or BIM images they need from the app onsite. Version control ensures subcontractors are working from the most current documents.  OmTrak includes multiple tools to improve communication for subcontractors, including;

  • Assigned Maintenance Tasks
  • Tender Submissions
  • Work Orders
  • Document and Image Uploads

Features for Subcontractors

Document Management

Securely and quickly upload and share all your project-specific information in one online location. Others can review, comment and approve as needed, saving time and money. Learn more…

Operations & Maintenance Manuals

Eliminate handover delays and improve the quality of your design and O&M manuals. Using OmTrak, high-quality manuals are ready before they’re needed.

Learn more…

Defects, Snags and Punchlists

Record, distribute and manage any defects, snags or punchlists faster and more efficiently. Managing your site becomes easier, more accurate and more automated. Learn more…

Transmittals, RFIs & Tasks

Automatically captures and categorises all email correspondence so you have a complete and undeletable audit trail. Learn more…

Tender Management

Streamline the tender process and get fast, accurate pricing from sub contractors. Manage all your documentation in one central place. Learn more…

BIM Management

With OmTrak’s BIM module, every project team can quickly and easily access multidimensional project models. Decision-making and coordination is improved across the board. Learn more…

One Connected Solution.

Software for full team collaboration 

OmTrak is an intuitive online platform that's transforming the collaboration process on construction projects. This award-winning solution enables all contracted project teams to create, share and control data and communication easily and accurately. Managing and distributing large volumes of critical project information is effortless and secure. 

The OmTrak modules connect for a seamless experience on one platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

Reduce costs & time delays on construction projects.

OmTrak is developed by industry experts to reduce project handover delays whilst streamlining communication and information for construction projects.