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Welcome to the OmTrak Digital Library

Our experts have created a selection of valuable resources to guide you toward creating quality building information for a successful construction project.  This information was created using the construction industry best practices and is useful for owners, developers, builders and contractors with or without the use of OmTrak.


The Building Manual Guideline

Useful for: Developers, Owners, Government.

Developed to set out the acceptable minimum standard for the content of a Building Manual at project handover on completion of a building. 

The Builders Guide to O&M Manuals

Useful for: Builders, Head Contractors, Contractors. 

Developed to guide builders and contractors toward creating operations & maintenance manuals using industry best practices. 

The OmTrak Guide to Design Reports

Useful for: Architects, Designers, Owners. 

Developed to guide architects and design consultants with Safety in Desgin (SiD), create Design Reports that address Safety in Design (SiD), and essential report criteria. 


OmTrak Capability Statement

Useful for: Developers, Owners, Builders.

The OmTrak Capability Statement showcases OmTrak projects. Read what our customers have experienced, along with the solutions and expertise provided.

The OmTrak Brochure

Useful for: Owners, Developers, Builders

The OmTrak Brochure provides a summary of OmTrak and its modules. Read about the functions and benefits of the software.


OmTrak Users and Tools

Useful for: Developers, Owners, Builders, Contractors, Architects, Designers and Facility Managers.

Visual representation of who can use OmTrak and the tools that are available to them.

The OmTrak Operations & Maintenance Manuals Process

Useful for: Owners, Developers, Builders, Head Contractors, Contractors, and Facility Managers

Describes the OmTrak process of creating and organising operations and maintenance manuals throughout the construction lifecycle, along with the ongoing benefits.

Reduce costs & time delays.

Our products have been developed by industry experts and refined over the last twenty years to ensure high quality project outcomes. Our consulting services provide additional support for those that just need a little extra help.