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OmTrak has been used on Construction Projects Globally

OmTrak Construction Software is the leading end-end solution for construction delivery and building maintenance management. Its utilised globally for construction projects. Watch the video to learn more.

Project-wide Connected Solutions for everyone

OmTrak has easy to use tools for everyone in the team. The tools in the software are designed to streamline your construction project information. Teams will experience a new level of efficiency from the early stages to the ongoing maintenance.

OmTrak Construction Software - Owners Benefits


Owners and Facility Managers can be left with poor quality information at the end of the project. OmTrak provides full visibility for owners to track the project and monitor the quality of information generated throughout construction. Hand over delays are reduced and quality information is received in a ready to use format.

OmTrak Construction Software - Contractor Benefits


Contractors and Builders are often required to use different types of software to complete their construction project. OmTrak has all the tools needed to efficiently manage the job and deliver high quality information to the owner at hand over.

OmTrak Construction Software - Subcontractor Benefits


Sub Contractors can have difficulty accessing and providing project information to the builders. OmTrak gives subcontractors access to current documents and drawings on-site. The simple user interface allows easy upload of building and asset documents with a secure audit trail to track communication.

Reduce costs & time delays.

OmTrak was designed by industry experts to streamline construction & organize documentation. OmTrak has all the tools needed for total collaboration during the design, construction, and maintenance phases. See the software in action.

OmTrak Construction Software - Mobile Application

Supported by experts in the industry

Our products have been developed by industry experts and refined over the last twenty years to ensure high quality project outcomes. Our consulting services provide additional support for those that just need a little extra help.


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Project-wide Connected Solutions

Document Management

Securely and quickly upload and share all your project-specific information in one online location. Others can review, comment and approve as needed, saving time and money.

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Operations & Maintenance Manuals

Eliminate handover delays and improve the quality of your O&M manuals. Using OmTrak, high-quality manuals are ready before they’re needed.

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Defects, Snags and Punchlists

Record, distribute and manage any defects, snags or punchlists faster and more efficiently. Managing your site becomes easier, more accurate and more automated.

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Transmittals, RFIs & Tasks

Automatically captures and categorises all email correspondence so you have a complete and undeletable audit trail.

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Tender Management

Streamline the tender process and get fast, accurate pricing from sub contractors. Manage all your documentation in one central place.

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Facility Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance scheduling is streamlined with the FM module. Automate scheduling and future maintenance work orders, and easily link scheduled maintenance to your operations and maintenance manuals.

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BIM Management

With OmTrak’s BIM module, every project team can quickly and easily access multidimensional project models. Decision-making and coordination is improved across the board.

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Design Reports

Progressively create and review the design reports at each stage of the design process. The completed Design Manual is a single, easy-to-read PDF file with links to all attached files.

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Asset Life-cycle Management

A simple & sustainable facility maintenance forecasting solution. Reduce the cost of condition audits by up to 75% compared to traditional methods.

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“The ability to handover quality documentation on time is paramount. OmTrak has allowed me to do that across my last 3 projects. OmTrak was dynamic, flexible, and progressive. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Al Parker
Completions Manager
Laing O’Rourke

“Fantastic tool for the construction industry. The ease of use of this platform, the pre-saved information that is tailored to your client is a huge time saver” 

“Ease of use, very fast customer service. Flexibility of exporting and ease of information received.” 

Trusted By Many Worldwide

CPB Contractors
Laing O'Rourke
Vicinity Centres
Australian Government Department of Defence
Bunnings Warehouses
St Hilliers
Badge Construction
NSW Health

Reduce costs & time delays on construction projects.

OmTrak is developed by industry experts to reduce project handover delays whilst streamlining communication and information for construction projects.