Create and collaborate

BIM Management

Access 3D project models without complex and expensive software

Create and manage information for your built asset in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.


Share BIM Files Effortlessly

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Digital twins tell you where things are, but not why. Omtrak is different. we include the what, and the why.


Make Collaboration Easy

Give all team members access to 3D project models without having to purchase expensive and complex software.


Accelerate Decision Making

Mark-up BIM files, make comments, and communicate with team members wherever you are.


Document Links

Link project documentation to objects within the model.


Full Version Control

Know that every team member is working from the latest BIM version.


Improved Communications

Quickly raise an RFI or issue from within the BIM model with mark-ups and a direct link back to the exact issue location.


Software Compatibility

OmTrak supports IFC files, an open standard for interoperability with other software, in the AEC industry.


The Control Tower

One Cloud-Based Solution For Contractors, Asset Owners, and Facility Managers

OmTrak is an easy to use online platform that manages the lifecycle of an asset, from design and construct to ongoing facility management. The award-winning software enables project teams to create, share and control data easily and accurately.

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A construction information management system that is easy to set up, easy to use, easy to see.