GenesisCare Campbelltown: Advancing Sustainable Healthcare

GenesisCare Campbelltown: Advancing Sustainable Healthcare with OmTrak

In the heart of Campbelltown, Sydney, GenesisCare is on a path toward healthcare excellence. Their $52 million project, set to open in 2024, isn’t just a healthcare facility; it’s a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to a greener future. As part of a new green healthcare precinct, the Campbelltown project is striving for an impressive 6-Star Green Star Rating. This blog explores GenesisCare Campbelltown’s commitment to sustainability, the unique challenges they face, and how OmTrak’s Operation & Maintenance Manuals are aiding in this pursuit.

Scope of Work: GenesisCare Campbelltown

GenesisCare’s investment in Campbelltown reflects the region’s rapid growth and the increasing need for advanced healthcare facilities. Their project includes the construction of a state-of-the-art cancer center and research hub, designed with an innovative suspended radiation therapy bunker on the second floor.

Sustainability is at the core of this development, with GenesisCare Campbelltown aiming for an impressive 6-Star Green Star Rating, positioning it as a pioneer in sustainable healthcare development in Australia.

OmTrak: Operation & Maintenance Manuals

To work toward the prestigious 6-Star Green Star Rating, GenesisCare Campbelltown has enlisted the help of WebFM and OmTrak’s cloud-based software to create their Operation & Maintenance Manuals. These manuals streamline the implementation of Green Star criteria, helping to ensure efficient facility operation and maintenance while promoting environmental sustainability.

Unique Challenges: Pursuing a 6-Star Green Star Rating

Achieving a 6-Star Green Star Rating for a healthcare facility presents several challenges:

  1. Unprecedented Energy Efficiency: To aim for a 6-Star Green Star Rating, GenesisCare must achieve exceptional energy efficiency, adopting cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to sustainability within healthcare.
  2. Exemplary Waste Management: Managing waste in healthcare facilities is a considerable challenge. GenesisCare’s commitment to sustainability demands rigorous waste reduction strategies, recycling programs, and responsible disposal methods without compromising hygiene standards.
  3. Water Conservation: Healthcare facilities consume significant amounts of water. To secure a 6-Star Green Star Rating, GenesisCare has implemented comprehensive water conservation measures, including efficient plumbing systems and sustainable landscaping.

OmTrak’s Solutions: Implementation of Operation & Maintenance Manuals

In pursuit of a 6-Star Green Star Rating, GenesisCare Campbelltown integrated OmTrak’s Operation & Maintenance Manuals into their strategy. OmTrak provides a structured platform to guide management and maintenance staff toward sustainability standards, ensuring efficient facility operations through high-quality documentation. These manuals offer a structured approach for compiling building documentation including information for daily operations, maintenance, and sustainability monitoring. This structured approach greatly aids the facility in aligning with the criteria for achieving a 6-Star Green Star Rating.

The Result: A Structured Approach with OmTrak

With the structured approach facilitated by OmTrak, GenesisCare Campbelltown is well on its way to achieving a 6-Star Green Star Rating. The Operation & Maintenance Manuals, in line with OmTrak’s assistance, ensure the facility operates smoothly and sustainably. These manuals provide clear guidelines for facility management staff, promoting sustainability while maintaining high healthcare standards.

OmTrak’s Operations and Maintenance Manuals are a powerful tool in the pursuit of sustainability. By integrating OmTrak into the design and construction process, GenesisCare Campbelltown can structure their processes to meet the criteria for a 6-Star Green Star Rating, bridging the gap between sustainability objectives and daily operations. This ensures the facility maintains the highest environmental standards while delivering exceptional healthcare and a seamless handover process.


GenesisCare Campbelltown is paving the way for healthcare development, aiming for a 6-Star Green Star Rating. It’s not just a healthcare facility; it’s a symbol of hope for patients and a beacon of sustainable healthcare for the planet. Embracing innovative technologies like OmTrak’s Operations and Maintenance Manuals, GenesisCare Campbelltown is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and pioneering a greener future for healthcare in Australia through effective solutions.



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