O&M Manuals

Eliminate Handover Delays.

A smarter way to manage O&M Manuals with a streamlined Digital Handover. Reduce building handover delays and produce better quality asset information.

I have no problem finding my way around OmTrak. In fact, recently, one of the other guys in the office was completing hard copy O&M Manuals, whilst my colleague and I were uploading straight up into OmTrak. We both said we’re glad we are not doing it the old-fashioned way.

Jamie Morrison

Contractor, CDC Plumbing

OmTrak O&M Manuals

Easily create digital O&M Manuals and reduce construction handover delays.


Reduce Risks.

Handover Quality O&M Manuals

O&M Manuals or Operations and Maintenance Manuals are vital to a successful and timely handover. The traditional approach often results in missing or poor quality information. Incomplete O&M Manuals create risk for the owners by not meeting industry standards. Until these standards are met projects can be delayed. OmTrak O&M Manuals tool produces;

  • Organised asset data with maintenance schedules
  • Complete O&M manuals, including warranties
  • A digital handover of information when construction is complete
  • Capture building Information for Green Building certifications
OmTrak O&M Manuals Asset Register
OmTrak O&M Manuals Review Status

Eliminate Handover Delays.

Progressively Create O&M Manual Data

O&M Manuals are created and reviewed progressively during construction. Manuals can be configured to meet contractual and owner’s asset management requirements. From project commencement, Project Managers and Owners can check and approve content, as it is uploaded, saving time and reducing delays at handover.

  • Customise manuals to suit asset management requirements
  • Review asset data before handover
  • Check O&M Manual upload progress, throughout the construction

Hit the Ground Running.

Seamless O&M Manual Data Transfer to FM Systems

On project completion, the owner receives a high-quality, thorough and searchable set of electronic operations and maintenance manuals. These are accessible and fully comply with industry requirements. Assets can be tailored for direct import to asset management systems, including:

+ Mainpac
+ Pulse
+ Triringa
+ Maximo
+ Achibus
+ Green Leaf
+ Pinnacle
+ Manhattan
O&M Manuals data transfer to FM Systems

O&M Manual Features


Customised set up

The O&M manual software for construction handover allows for manuals to be configured to meet specific contractual and asset management requirements. Once your template is in place, projects can be implemented within hours.

Standardised format

OmTrak’s electronic manuals are created in a standardised, intuitive format that’s easier for everyone to use and navigate. Asset Registers can be customised to match your asset system including attribute and validation requirements


Easy assembly

Upload manual content and documentation via the OmTrak web forms, including drawings, certi­ficates, commissioning reports, manufacturer operations manuals, spare parts catalogues, warranties etc. Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects. Select maintenance schedules from included industry standards or create your own. Asset registers can be bulk imported and exported.

QA and approval

Preview and mark-up your documents online. Track the progress and status of content via the chart reports. Provide feedback, create tasks and set due dates. Simple workflow content approval process.

Digital handover

Digital O&M manuals are professional, user-friendly and searchable. Data outputs are fit for asset management systems.


One Connected Solution.

Software for full team collaboration 

OmTrak is an intuitive online platform that's transforming the collaboration process on construction projects. This award-winning solution enables all contracted project teams to create, share and control data and communication easily and accurately. Managing and distributing large volumes of critical project information is effortless and secure. 

The OmTrak modules connect for a seamless experience on one platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

Reduce costs & time delays.

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