OmTrak Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

OmTrak Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day 2024! Today at OmTrak, we not only join voices globally to celebrate the awe-inspiring achievements of women, but we also shine a well-deserved spotlight on the phenomenal women who are integral to our industry. With a proud statistic that speaks volumes—43% of our team are women—we are proof that when it comes to constructing the future, diversity is not just a foundation but a blueprint for excellence.

This year’s theme, “Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress,” resonates with our organisational ethos at OmTrak. It is more than a call to action—it is an affirmation of our commitment to creating an inclusive environment that not only celebrates women but actively invests in their growth and success.

On International Women’s Day, we acknowledge that the path toward gender parity in the construction industry is not just about increasing numbers. It’s about recognising and embracing the multifaceted contributions of women, respecting their perspectives, and leveraging their unique strengths to foster innovation and drive progress.

Investment: The Foundation for Empowerment

At OmTrak, ‘Count Her In’ is not a one-day slogan but a year-round practice. We’re persistent in our actions to break down barriers and offer equal opportunities for learning, development, and leadership.

From Blueprint to Reality: Women in the ConstrucTech Frontier

OmTrak’s commitment to a diverse workforce has cultivated an environment where our female professionals thrive in roles that demand critical thinking, agile problem-solving, and innovative prowess. By embracing new technologies and methodologies, women at OmTrak are not just participants in ConstrucTech—they are shaping its future.

This transformative participation is necessary because when women lead, they bring unique ideas and perspectives that are critical for the holistic progress of any organisation. In the foundation of every project we undertake, the imprints of female leadership, expertise, and insight make our outcomes stronger and more resilient.

Inspire Inclusion: Our Continuous Journey

The empowerment of women at OmTrak transcends job titles and business units. Our women are project managers, software developers, and executives—they are mentors, innovators, and thought leaders. As agents of change, these professionals are architects of a vision where the hallmarks of progress are inclusivity and equality. And “#InspireInclusion” is not just a hashtag for us, it’s the narrative of our company culture.

We recognise that celebration is as much about reflection as it is about action. We look around at the accomplished women who make up 43% of our staff, and we feel a great sense of pride—but we’re not resting here. We are dedicated to increasing this number, not just at OmTrak but across the construction industry.

Continuing the Momentum Beyond International Women’s Day

Through our actions today and every day after, we are committed to creating a workspace that doesn’t just open doors for women but propels them through it. From combating wage gaps to advocating for work-life balance, we strive to address the challenges that women in the workplace face head-on.

As a market leader, we encourage other organisations to follow suit. Investing in women’s equality is investing in a brighter, more dynamic future for all.


Today, we celebrate progress, the courage of women who have paved the way, and those at OmTrak who are creating their own paths. We salute every woman in the industry who demonstrates the unequivocal truth that when we invest in women, everybody wins.

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge the women in our lives—personal and professional—who inspire, challenge, and push the boundaries of what it means to build.

Happy International Women’s Day 2024. Here’s to those who dare to #InspireInclusion and those who embody the ethos to “Count Her In.”