Now Live: OmTrak’s Site Works Update

Now Live: OmTrak's Site Works Update

The latest Site Works update has just been released, and here’s what you need to know about it.

About the Site Works Update

This update transforms the Site Works & FM module to match the interfaces of other OmTrak modules, like Manuals and Documents. The change simplifies things: You’ll find it easier to get around, see your information clearly, and manage your work without hassle.

Changes You’ll Notice

The layout of the Site Works module needed to keep the elements people like but also fit with the new design of the other modules. Feedback from users and careful testing helped to get this right. Now that the update is live, managing construction defects and maintenance tasks is planned to be much simpler.

What Does This Mean for Users?

Facility and building managers can expect a smooth and consistent experience across the different modules within the OmTrak system. This should make everyday tasks more straightforward.

Key improvements include:

  • A unified user interface across modules, which means learning how to use new tools takes less time and effort.
  • More intuitive navigation that allows for quicker access to data and management controls.
  • Enhanced coordination and streamlined operation within the OmTrak system.

Strengthening User Experience

OmTrak is committed to providing a seamless and integrated platform, and the latest version of the Site Works & FM module strengthens this commitment. By delivering an update that enhances usability while still offering a customised feel for each module, the balance between innovation and familiarity is maintained.

To wrap it up, the Site Works update is here to make OmTrak’s construction and facilities management tools better, keeping in step with the company’s drive for innovative and helpful solutions that make work smoother for everyone involved.