OmTrak in New Zealand: Transforming Facilities with Expertise since 2009

OmTrak in New Zealand: Transforming Facilities with Expertise since 2009

Since 2009, OmTrak has been providing innovative solutions in the construction and facilities management industry to some of New Zealand’s most vital sectors, including education, healthcare, and local government. OmTrak has established itself as an indispensable partner for seamless facility management, forward lifecycle planning, and maintenance operations. This blog will delve into OmTrak’s presence in New Zealand, highlighting key clients and projects that showcase their expertise and the impact they’ve made in the field.

Ministry of Education: A Pioneering Partnership

One of OmTrak’s most significant contributions to New Zealand has been in the education sector. Engaging with the Ministry of Education, OmTrak developed a sophisticated condition survey approach. This initiative is not just about assessing current infrastructure; it’s about envisioning the future of educational facilities.

The development and introduction of MPlan has been a game-changer for forward lifecycle planning and modelling work across an extensive portfolio of over 2,500 schools. By leveraging MPlan, the Ministry can predict and plan for infrastructure needs, ensuring that educational facilities are not just meeting current standards but are also prepared for the demands of tomorrow.

The relationship between OmTrak and the Ministry of Education has been symbiotic and enduring. OmTrak provides training to consultants and staff, enabling them to conduct thorough condition assessments. This commitment to ongoing education and training is a testament to OmTrak’s investment in New Zealand’s future.

The Ministry of Education’s trust in OmTrak underscores the reliability and effectiveness of their solutions in the education sector.

Universities and City Council Collaboration

The efficacy of OmTrak’s platform extends to higher education as well, showcased in its collaborations with both Auckland University and Canterbury University. The comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals curated by OmTrak for these institutions have streamlined the management of their sprawling campuses, allowing facility managers to access, update, and manage critical information with just a few clicks.

Christchurch City Council and numerous hospitals across New Zealand have also benefited from OmTrak’s approach. By standardising the creation and access to operation and maintenance manuals, OmTrak ensures that these vital institutions operate without interruption – a critical factor when the health and wellbeing of communities are at stake.

Healthcare Facilities Management

The Auckland Council and the Bay of Plenty District Health Board stand as stellar examples of OmTrak’s positive impact on facilities maintenance systems. For several years, these entities have relied on OmTrak to keep their facilities in top condition. The platform’s ability to manage and document maintenance works ensures that these public facilities are not just functioning but are maintained to the highest standards.

What differentiates OmTrak’s Facilities Maintenance system is its intuitive design and ease of use. It acknowledges that the people who manage and maintain buildings are not just facility managers – they are caretakers of the community’s assets. By providing a system that is both robust and user-friendly, OmTrak helps these professionals to perform at their best.

Collaboration with Brosnans: A Testament to Versatility

Another facet of OmTrak’s presence in New Zealand is its collaboration with Brosnans. Utilising both the Facilities Maintenance and MPlan systems, the partnership is a great example of how OmTrak’s solutions are adaptable to varied clients. Whether it’s property management firms or individual consultants, OmTrak tailors its offerings to meet specific needs without compromising on the depth and quality of its system capabilities.

Why OmTrak

What OmTrak brings to the table isn’t just a software solution; it’s a pathway to efficiency and strategic foresight. Here’s why building professionals in New Zealand are turning to OmTrak:

  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Management: OmTrak’s MPlan system facilitates not just current operations but also predictive planning, ensuring that buildings are managed not only for the present but are prepared for the future.
  • Centralised Documentation: The ability to maintain and access all operations and maintenance manuals in one place reduces the risk of data loss and mismanagement, making the software invaluable.
  • Training and Support: OmTrak’s dedication to providing training makes it not just a software provider but a partner in progress. Continuous learning is key in a domain that is as dynamic as building management.
  • User-centric Design: Despite its advanced capabilities, OmTrak’s systems are remarkably user-friendly. This accessibility makes it suitable for experts and novices alike, promoting wider adoption and deeper integration into daily operations.

Looking Forward in New Zealand

As OmTrak continues to make a significant impact on New Zealand’s construction and facilities management industry, the future looks promising. Building professionals seeking innovative and reliable solutions can find a trustworthy partner in OmTrak. The company’s track record of successful collaborations with government bodies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and construction companies underscores its versatility, expertise and commitment to excellence.

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