The Queensland Satellite Hospital Project – Harnessing OmTrak for Construction Excellence.

The Queensland Satellite Hospitals Program - Harnessing OmTrak to Streamline Construction.

Efficient coordination and detailed management are incredibly important at every stage of a construction project to save time, reduce errors, and bring projects across the finish line with finesse. Our case study on the Queensland Satellite Hospital project illustrates the efficacy of innovative software solutions such as OmTrak in this arena.

Tasked with developing multiple healthcare facilities simultaneously, the efforts were magnified by requirements for synchronicity in building manuals and pinpoint precision in defect management. OmTrak, a comprehensive tool, was instrumental in aligning these elements, serving as a linchpin for project management and organisational efficiency.

Project name: QLD Satellite Hospitals
Scope of work: Construction of 7x Satellite Hospitals across Queensland
Builder: Hutchinson Builders
Modules used: OmTrak and Site Works

Satellite Hospital Project Overview:

The Queensland Satellite Hospital project was a large-scale initiative involving the construction of seven hospitals across different locations. It required a multifaceted approach, balancing distinct specifications with the need for uniform operational standards to ensure the long-term functionality of these critical infrastructure assets.

The challenge was twofold: first, creating a central system to standardise building manuals and keep everyone aligned; second, managing defects efficiently across all sites.

OmTrak’s Role in Standardising Manuals:

For building professionals, one of the paramount tasks in multi-site projects is ensuring that every team member, from subcontractors, project managers and building owners, operates from the same playbook. This necessitates a universally understood and accessible set of building manuals. On the Queensland project, the diversity in location and design posed a significant challenge in maintaining a standardised system for creating and distributing these vital documents.

Traditionally, managing building manuals across multiple sites results in massive piles of paperwork and a high risk of miscommunication. OmTrak’s approach is different. It digitises and centralises all the documentation so that everyone can access the same information they need at any time. This meant that the specifications in one hospital could be easily matched in another, ensuring uniformity, and reducing the chances of errors.

Simplifying Defect Management:

As robust as a construction plan may be, defects are an inevitable part of the building process, particularly on such a large scale. Effective defect management is essential, not just for meeting compliance and quality standards, but also for safeguarding the reputation and financial stability of the building firm. With multiple sites in play, organising and addressing defects efficiently becomes a test of a team’s ability to respond swiftly and document actions transparently.

Defect management can be one of the most challenging aspects of a project – it’s usually reactive, cumbersome, and often fraught with delays. OmTrak flips that experience around by offering proactive defect management tools with its Site Works module. On the Queensland Satellite project, builders could log defects in real-time during the construction phase. This immediate action allowed for quicker resolutions, keeping the project timeline on track.

Using tablets and mobile devices, the teams could capture defects on site, allocate them to the responsible parties, and track their rectification status. This efficiency is imperative on large-scale projects where the volume and scope of maintenance tasks post-construction can be demanding.

Choosing OmTrak:

In response to these hurdles, Hutchinson Builders chose OmTrak to serve as the technology framework due to its tailored modules for manual creation and defect management. The software’s interactive interface promised simplicity for users – a crucial consideration for a diverse team working across different locations.

OmTrak’s robust platform for uploading, reviewing, and approving all manner of documents and plans at a faster pace than traditional methods helped take the guesswork and stress out of meeting the project completion dates.

OmTrak in Action:

OmTrak’s toolset enabled the project’s stakeholders to create a unified template for building manuals, ensuring every site adhered to the same quality standards and procedures. This was pivotal in minimising the room for error and variations that could lead to costly delays or rework.

Streamlining Communication:

Clear communication channels are vital on site, and OmTrak proves to be an excellent mediator. With OmTrak, chasing paper trails becomes a distant memory – updates and revisions are instantly disseminated, reducing the risk of work being done from outdated plans. This feature was particularly helpful in keeping the multitude of teams across the Queensland project informed, coordinated, and collectively working towards the same goals.

Behind the Scenes of the DLP Phase:

The Defect Liability Period (DLP) phase often unveils the unavoidable snags that need to be addressed after construction. For the Queensland Satellite Hospital project, as defects were logged via Site Works, maintenance schedules were automatically updated, lessening the administrative burden and helping to focus on the actual work at hand. The level of organisation through OmTrak ensured that, at any given moment, Hutchinson Builders had a comprehensive view of outstanding or completed tasks.

The Transparency Factor:

OmTrak provides a transparent and accessible window into every stage of construction, from groundbreaking to handover. This depth of transparency builds confidence among stakeholders – everyone can see progress and address issues as they arise, a boon for busy building professionals who value accountability.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

With analytics and reporting functions, OmTrak delivered hard data on the health of the Queensland Satellite Hospital project. This function provides professionals with insights into productivity and defects, useful for planning, forecasting, and improving future projects.

Benefits Realised:

Through OmTrak’s platform, the Queensland Satellite Hospital project experienced tangible benefits. Streamlining the development and dissemination of building manuals and centralising defect management shaped a framework of consistency and responsibility. This led to several outcomes that directly speak to the core needs of builders:

  1. Time Efficiency: Deliverables were met in a timely fashion because of the reduced need for back-and-forth communications and query resolutions.
  2. Quality Control: Standardised manuals ensured uniformity in building practices, translating to consistent quality across all hospital sites.
  3. Feedback Loop: Live updates on defects allowed for immediate corrective measures, reducing the potential compound impact of unattended issues.
  4. Transparency: All stakeholders, including site workers and hospital representatives, could access and understand project statuses and expectations at any time.
  5. Paperwork Reduction: By digitising manuals and defect logs, OmTrak reduced the reliance on physical documents, leading to an organised and environmentally friendly approach.

Impact on Client Relations:

The adoption of OmTrak proved to be a confidence builder between Hutchinson Builders and their client. The transparency and proactive management fostered trust, as clients could witness the competency and dedication of the building team in addressing project intricacies.


If you’re considering integrating a digital solution into your projects, the Queensland Satellite Hospital initiative serves as a compelling endorsement for the OmTrak system. It demonstrates the substantial impact of leveraging technology to enhance conventional construction management practices. OmTrak has proved its worth as an indispensable ally in standardising procedures, streamlining workflows, and offering a level of insight and control that any construction project can benefit from.

Whether you’re juggling multiple sites or simply aiming for unparalleled proficiency on a single project, OmTrak is worth a closer look.

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