The Importance of OmTrak Building Manuals for Data Centre Projects

The Importance of OmTrak Building Manuals for Data Centre Projects

Data Centres are the backbone of the digital world, playing a critical role in enabling businesses to manage, process, and store vast amounts of data. These highly complex facilities require meticulous planning, operation, and management to ensure consistent, reliable, and secure services. With the surge in the generation of digital data, the significance of establishing and maintaining robust Data Centre infrastructure has become paramount. OmTrak building manuals represent a vital tool in the successful delivery and maintenance of such complex Data Centre projects.

Understanding OmTrak

Before delving into the intricacies of building manuals for Data Centre projects, it’s important to understand what OmTrak is. OmTrak is a construction management software that streamlines the project delivery and documentation process. The platform is designed to create a comprehensive repository of building information that can be seamlessly handed over to the facility managers upon completion of construction.

Key Features of OmTrak:
  • Document Management: Securely stores all project-related documents, making them accessible to stakeholders.
  • Workflow Management: Simplifies the process of keeping track of necessary approvals and stages of project delivery.
  • Facility Management: Aids in the maintenance and management of the building post-construction.
  • Collaborative Platform: Allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate, reducing miscommunication and increasing efficiency.

Role of OmTrak in Data Centre Construction

Data Centres require an added level of sophistication when it comes to construction and management because of their technical specifications and operational requirements. OmTrak’s building manuals play a critical part in this, serving as a repository for all information pertinent to the construction, operation, and maintenance of a data centre.

Benefits of Using OmTrak for Data Centre Projects:
  • Organised Information: OmTrak helps to categorise and store information in an organised manner so that it can be easily accessed when needed.
  • Updated Records: Keeping records of regular maintenance, updates, and changes in systems is critical in the data-driven environments of Data Centres.
  • Streamlined Processes: By providing an efficient workflow management system, OmTrak ensures that the various stages of data centre construction and operation are streamlined.

Components of OmTrak Building Manuals for Data Centre Projects

Constructing a Data Centre is a substantial undertaking that necessitates rigorous documentation. The building manuals created with OmTrak are integral to the life cycle of the Data Centre. Here are some critical components that are documented in these manuals:

Design and Construction Documents
  • Architectural Designs – Structural Plans
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Schematics
  • Network and Connectivity Layouts
  • Security Frameworks
  • Cooling and Fire Protection Systems
Equipment and Material Specifications
  • Servers and Storage Units
  • HVAC Systems
  • Electrical Panels and Backup Generators
  • Networking Hardware
  • Physical Security Devices
Operation and Maintenance Protocols
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Vendor Contact Information
Compliance and Standards
  • Guidelines for Energy Efficiency
  • Building Codes and Regulations
  • Industry-specific Compliance Requirements

The Construction Phase

OmTrak’s role in the construction phase is crucial for maintaining the timeline, budget, and quality standards.

OmTrak supports project managers with:

  • Timeline Management: Clear sight across the all components of the building manual development for all stakeholders.
  • Quality Control: OmTrak’s customisable Quality Assurance process ensures the highest quality documentation is ready at HOTO.

Post-Construction: Handover and Facility Management

After the construction is completed, OmTrak’s building manual takes on a new role in the handover of the building to facility managers and the ongoing operation of the Data Centre.

OmTrak’s utility during this phase includes:
  • Providing Comprehensive As-built Documentation for future reference and planning.
  • Establishing a Maintenance Database that logs all equipment and schedules regular servicing.
  • Facilitating Training Programs for the operations team to understand and operate the Data Centre effectively.

Leveraging OmTrak for Data Centre Longevity and Efficiency

The success of a Data Centre relies on its continuous operation and the ability to adapt to evolving technology needs. OmTrak’s comprehensive building manuals support this by ensuring all necessary documentation and protocols are easily accessible and up to date.

Key Takeaways for leveraging OmTrak:
  • Documentation Integrity: Maintain the accuracy and integrity of operational documents, which is pivotal for future audits, renovations, or expansions.
  • Efficient Operations: Utilise the building manual to train new staff and for quick reference, ensuring efficient ongoing operations.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Implement a preventive maintenance routine derived from OmTrak data to mitigate the risk of downtime or equipment failure.


The role of OmTrak in the construction and management of Data Centres cannot be overstated. The alignment of detailed planning, efficient document management, and effective facility operations can all be fortified through its meticulous building manuals. OmTrak enables the structuring of comprehensive and organised data essential for the robust and resilient operations of Data Centres. As these centres continue to expand in size and complexity, the reliance on advanced tools like OmTrak is set to deepen, cementing their significance in the design, construction, and operation of Data Centres.

In an age where data is the new currency, ensuring the physical and digital integrity and efficiency of Data Centres is not just about business continuity. It’s about upholding the lifeblood of the modern economy. OmTrak serves as a crucial ally in this endeavour, allowing project teams to deliver well-documented, easily manageable, and optimally functioning Data Centre projects that stand the test of time and technological evolution. Talk to us to organise a demo for your next project.

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