Queensland Satellite Hospitals Program

Hutchinson Builders

Discover how the Queensland Satellite Hospitals Program leveraged OmTrak to revolutionise construction management

The Situation

In the picturesque state of Queensland, Australia, a momentous health infrastructure initiative was taking shape. Dubbed the Satellite Hospitals Project (SHP), it outlined the construction of seven state-of-the-art satellite hospitals, strategically dispersed across the state. Hutchinson Builders, renowned for their expertise in large-scale construction endeavours, were at the helm, spearheading the project into execution.

As this project’s blueprint began unfolding, it became evident that it was much more than a mere addition to Queensland’s healthcare facilities. These hospitals were envisioned to be the lifeline for regional communities, significantly reducing the reliance on metropolitan hospitals and providing localised care that was previously out of reach for many.

The Queensland Satellite Hospitals Program - Harnessing OmTrak to Streamline Construction.

The Challenge

The Hutchinson Builders team was confronted with a multi-faceted challenge that could test the mettle of even the most seasoned construction professionals. The task was not only to build multiple facilities but to do so harmoniously, ensuring that each hospital, though unique, would operate under one standardised network of specifications.

The complexity intensified as the team faced the meticulous task of collating operations and maintenance manuals pertaining to various Hospital Health Services. Additionally, the construction phase necessitated the tracking of defects and the management of Defect Liability Period (DLP) maintenance across not one but seven distinct hospital sites, encompassing dozens of service trades. It was a herculean coordination and data tracking effort waiting to be untangled.

OmTrak's Connected Solution Approach for the Queensland Satellite Hospitals Program

The game plan was clear: streamline the process, eliminate redundancies, and unify the project operations. This is where OmTrak entered the scene, with its Manuals module and Site Works module.

Manuals Module

The first course of action was methodical—precisely what OmTrak excelled at. Hutchinson Builders leveraged the platform's prowess to analyse and distil various specifications into one robust, universally applicable template for building manuals and requirements.

Site Works Module

With the inclusion of the Site Works module, OmTrak effectively automated the DLP maintenance activities. It served as a vigilant watchdog during the DLP, ensuring each service trade’s defects were accounted for, addressed, and resolved in a digital space that allowed for transparent tracking and reporting.

The Result

Employing OmTrak’s Manuals module and Site Works module translated into an impressive synergy of technology and management. Substantial quantities of data and documentation were seamlessly uploaded, reviewed, and approved, maintaining the project’s pace while upholding its ambitious standards, creating a quality set of building manuals for hand over.

When it came to the all-important DLP phase, OmTrak’s influence became even more pronounced. The previously cumbersome task of maintaining schedules and tracking defects was now effortlessly managed by the software’s automated processes. Stakeholders across the spectrum—from builders to healthcare administrators—now had a crystal-clear view of maintenance schedules and defect statuses, without needing to dive into endless paperwork or deal with communication bottlenecks.

This level of transparency and ease in the flow of information directly translated into trust and coordination, which are crucial for both large-scale project success and establishing long-term partnerships. OmTrak ensured that actionable and precisely targeted information reached the clients at project completion. It turned potential chaos into coordinated craftsmanship, setting a new benchmark for how to handle expansive and complex construction projects with finesse.

For professionals considering OmTrak, the Queensland Satellite Hospitals Program serves as a compelling testament to its transformative power. Amidst the evolving challenges of construction project management, OmTrak shaped an intricate web of tasks into an organised, efficient, and collaborative triumph, underscoring that no hurdle is too large with the right digital tools at your disposal.

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