Sydney Park Water Reuse Upgrade

City of Sydney - Never Stop Water


The Sydney Park Water Reuse system made a significant contribution to the City of Sydney Sustainable Sydney 2030 targets. Designed to harvest and treat to 7l/sec (future 14l/sec) & integrate the new plant into the existing parkland infrastructure. The upgrades to the existing wetland 5 offtake, custom floating suction intake and new pump delivered water to the 30kl raw water storage tank. Upgrade works included new:

  • 125mm rising main
  • Amiad containerised water treatment plant (7 L/s capacity) and reticulation to treat and supply recycled water
  • Clearwater tank and distribution pumping system
  • Tradewaste agreement to handle backwash water to sewer
  • Full PLC/SCADA control to intergrate into council water
  • Updates to the asbuilt drawings

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