Streamlining Project Success: Frank Tantaro chats with Jacob Beard from Barwon Health

Streamlining Project Success: Frank Tantaro chats with Jacob Beard from Barwon Health

In the realm of building management, the delivery of Operating & Maintenance (O&M) manuals is a critical phase, ensuring a project’s seamless transition from construction to operation. Barwon Health has leveraged OmTrak’s comprehensive digital manuals module to revolutionise this aspect of project management. By providing a unified platform for compiling, managing, and disseminating these essential documents, OmTrak helps organisations streamline their processes, ensuring compliance and continuity. Today, let’s delve into how Barwon Health has enhanced its project management efficiency through the capabilities of OmTrak.


Frank Tantaro chats with Jacob Beard from Barwon Health

FT: Could you briefly introduce yourself and your role within Barwon Health?

JB: My name is Jacob Beard, and I am the Director of Capital Works at Barwon Health. Our team is responsible for the inception, design, and delivery of both minor and major works across our facilities. Our projects can range from $10K to $500M, making it crucial to have a unified platform for O&M manuals regardless of the project size.


FT: How has OmTrak improved the efficiency and effectiveness of your project management processes? Can you share any measurable results or outcomes?

JB: OmTrak has been a staple for Barwon Health’s O&M needs for over seven years. It provides consistent and stable outputs for projects of all sizes. Despite exploring other solutions for comparison, we always return to OmTrak due to its reliable consistency. Our engineers and maintenance staff can quickly find technical data and manuals, thanks to the known structure of OmTrak’s manuals.


FT: Which specific solutions or features of OmTrak did you find most valuable for your projects? Can you provide examples of how these features helped you achieve your goals?

JB: The manuals module stands out as the most useful feature. While we have tried other modules, we primarily rely on Aconex for messaging and document revisions. The manuals module’s user-friendly design ensures that our team can efficiently access and utilise necessary documentation during critical moments.


FT: What are some key benefits or advantages of using OmTrak that you believe set it apart from other project management solutions you’ve used in the past?

JB: The primary benefit is the ongoing and reliable consistency of the interfaces and outputs from the Manuals Module. This may seem like a small issue, but in moments where time is of the essence, finding the correct technical document swiftly is paramount.


FT: Have you noticed any cost savings or cost-efficiency improvements since implementing OmTrak in your projects?

JB: While direct cost savings are hard to quantify, the time saved post-project is invaluable. The efficiency and reliability of OmTrak ensure our team can focus on other critical tasks rather than hunting for documentation.


FT: How has OmTrak helped you ensure compliance and quality control in your projects?

JB: OmTrak ensures all contractors, consultants, and other stakeholders sign off on required documents, maintaining compliance and quality control seamlessly.


FT: What advice or insights can you offer to potential users who are evaluating project management solutions?

JB: First, determine what you really need. Map out the data you want to track and seek executive endorsement. Look for a solution that delivers on multiple fronts. OmTrak, with its reliability and comprehensive modules, provides a unified platform that’s easily recommended. Avoid using multiple platforms for different modules; a unified platform like OmTrak is key to success.


FT: What would you say to others considering OmTrak for their project management needs?

JB: OmTrak is a solid platform that I’ve never seen go down. The uptime is crucial for any SaaS solution in construction. OmTrak has all the necessary modules for your needs and provides stable and reliable service. I highly recommend it.


Driving Project Excellence with OmTrak

Barwon Health’s experience underscores the value of OmTrak in managing O&M manuals effectively. The platform’s consistent outputs, user-friendly interface, and reliability are significant advantages that can benefit any organisation dealing with large-scale projects. Whether you manage minor renovations or major construction works, OmTrak offers a comprehensive, unified solution that enhances efficiency and ensures compliance.

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