Online Security Tips for Your Teams Success

OmTrak Best Practices for Your Organisation's Online Security

We live in a digital age, where online security is becoming a significant concern for individuals and organisations alike. Account security is vitally important, not just for protecting sensitive data, but for digital credibility and reputation. In this blog post, we will look at four best practices that can help strengthen your organisation’s online security. These practices include making passwords unique, using passphrases, using a password manager, and using multi-factor authentication. By implementing these practices, you can enhance your security and protect your organisation against cyber-attacks.

Online security is a multifaceted discipline that requires a proactive approach and adherence to best practices. Let’s delve into the essential practices that can help strengthen your organisation’s online security.

Make Passwords Unique

Creating a unique password for each online account is essential for account security. Reusing passwords puts all your accounts at risk because if one password is compromised, all accounts with the same password are vulnerable. Create unique passwords for each account, and avoid using easily guessable information such as birthdates, pet names, or common dictionary words.

To create strong passwords, you can use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. However, passphrases have been shown to be more secure, remember to utilise different words that don’t correlate to each other. For example, relating animals, colours, or other things with numbers or symbols is the easiest way to make unique passphrases – length is key over complexity.

Use Passphrases

A passphrase is a series of words or phrases that are combined to create a password. Unlike traditional passwords that typically consist of a random sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols, passphrases are easier to remember but harder to decipher. Passphrases are far more secure than traditional passwords because they are longer, and length is the enemy of brute-force attacks. A passphrase also eliminates the need for special characters and numbers, making it easier to remember. A passphrase does not have to be a complete sentence, but it should be at least 12 characters long, and it should not be a well-known phrase.

Use a Password Manager

While using unique passphrases and passwords for each account is essential, it can be difficult to remember them all. A password manager is an application that stores and manages all your passwords in one place. Password managers enable you to generate and store strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts, making it easy to manage passwords securely. Encryption provides an extra layer of security for all your passwords that are accessible only to you and not even the password manager service provider can access them.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature that provides an additional layer of protection to your accounts. MFA requires additional authentication steps beyond usernames and passwords, making it difficult for hackers to access the account. In addition to usernames and passwords, you enter a code that is sent to your phone or a biometric factor like a fingerprint or face recognition. This feature can be activated for most platform that you use, from email accounts to banking accounts and even OmTrak.

Prioritising Online Security with OmTrak

Account security is an essential aspect of online security, as cyber-attacks can affect anyone, making it important for individuals and organisations alike to prioritise security measures. To protect your organisation and safeguard sensitive data, it is crucial to follow the best practices highlighted above.

OmTrak, by WebFM, recognises the significance of security and supports multi-factor authentication for our customers, creating a more secure environment. As proof of our commitment to information security, WebFM is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security.

With the increasing risks and threats in the digital landscape, protecting your business and confidential information has never been more crucial. By implementing the aforementioned best practices, you are taking proactive steps to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of your valuable data. Through continuous education and adoption of robust security measures, you can prevent unauthorised access and maintain the integrity of your systems. Stay one step ahead of cyber-attacks by prioritising account security and fortifying your digital defences with OmTrak.

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